Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mostly ravioli, it turned out.

A while back, after not having bought groceries for a few months, I made the mistake of going grocery shopping without a list. I didn't have any recipes I made on a regular basis at the time, so I didn't have a starting point from which to toss things into the cart. The idea of gathering everything I needed to feed myself seemed like a staggeringly huge task, and after so long without having shopped for my own food, I just couldn't remember what I usually bought. I wound up roaming the frozen food aisle wide-eyed, wringing my hands and going, "What do I EAT?"

My former roommates remember this. I clung to their sleeves and cried, "You should know this! What do I EAT?" and they said, ""

This is about how I feel right after finishing a big revision.

Tonight I finished the second draft of Or Your Money Back. It's now 81,835 words long (over 11,000 words longer than before), more fleshed out in a lot of ways, and well on its way to being a finished book. I saved the finished draft, went out celebrating, sat down to write again...and stopped.

What do I WRITE?

You guys! You should know this! What do I WRITE?

I have a list somewhere, I think. Maybe I should go dig that up.

And hey, if all else fails, I can just throw some things in the cart and see what sticks.

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