Thursday, September 24, 2009

Also adds +2 Charisma and protects against lightning-based attacks

I finished some things!

Introducing my +5 Scarf of Awesome:

Look at this thing, will you? It's gorgeous. It's Bex's merino/seacell handspun in Kirsten Kapur's Rickenbacker Scarf pattern, which was evidently a perfect storm of pattern and yarn. I mean, look at it.

"I think it may have some neat striping," Bex said when she handed me the skein. Yeah, uh, less with the striping and more with the gorgeous frakking color transitions. Even aside from the amazing colors, this was some of the nicest yarn I've ever worked with. It's lofty, silky, and so nice to the touch that I've been wearing this scarf around in 70-degree weather just so I can grope it when nobody's watching.

I did make one slight error on this scarf. The pattern suggested it be 52" long. I misread that as 72". And then I said, "Eh, fuck it, I'll just keep going until I'm not entertained by the pattern anymore."

Here's how far it falls when I don't have it wrapped around my neck twice:

And to answer the questions I'm sure are on your mind, thank you, they were $4 at the Girls' Clearance section at Target, and yes, I do have astoundingly tiny feet.

I also knit up Ysolda's Ripley as an instant gratification project but haven't had a chance to wear it anywhere yet.

You can't tell from looking at it, but that hat was mostly knit during a Supernatural drinking game. Turns out I can drink and knit lace (which is funny because I always mess lace up when I'm sober). I think it's a superpower.

So, now that I've got the world's most awesome fall scarf and a cute new hat, what next? Christmas knitting!

Here's my Christmas knitting yarn stash. It's missing a hat or two worth of yarn, I think.

And then, there's something for me.

That's going to grow up to be a Snapdragon Tam, if I can stop staring at it long enough to cast-on.

Progress has been made on my Where the Wild Things Are hoodie, but that really deserves its own post. For now, I'll leave you with this. Go watch the featurette and have a smile.

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