Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not dead!

The last week at work has been insane. Box-on-head, coworker-in-a-toga, can't-sleep-sticky-notes-will-eat-me insane. It's the beginning of the school year, and while this time of year normally belongs to the chaos demons (Have you ever met a chaos demon? They're all antlers and slime!), this year is the worst I've seen by a long shot.

The other thing that's been eating my life is fan fiction. I figured out this week that fan fiction is the perfect palate cleanser between novels - it's low-investment, the characters come prefabricated, and instead of waiting weeks for beta reader feedback, you toss a first draft up online and get comments with tiny cheering emoticons back almost immediately. \o/ I have a tendency to drift toward depression when I finish a lengthy writing project, so writing fic has turned out to be a bit of a sanity-saver. I will definitely be relying on it in the future.

In conclusion, I'm at the level of braining where this seems like the best thing ever created, so you should probably be grateful I'm not blogging regularly right now.

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