Monday, June 7, 2010

Dead or aliiiiiiive

It's a good thing I'm going to have a roommate again soon, because living by myself is making me crazier. Not that I don't love having my own place, but when I spend too much time by myself, I end up having conversations like this:

Me: "Do you ride a steel horse?"
Hobbes: ??
Me: "Have you seen a million faces?"
Hobbes: ???
Me: "And you've rocked them all?"
Hobbes: *head tilt*
Me: "No? Well, then, how are you ever going to be a cowboy!"

This dog is mostly deaf, and he didn't even like Bon Jovi when he could hear. Yeah, moving next month will be good for me. At least when I crazy-babble at Kiah, she crazy-babbles back.

Between moving, various social engagements (w00tstock tonight! Huzzah!), projects, and CONvergence, I wasn't expecting to have much downtime between now and mid-July. But my boss has been encouraging me to take more time off - in a "you deserve it" way, not a "get your crazy-talking ass out of here" way - so I'm taking Wednesday through Friday of this week off. For those three days, I have no obligations other than my own projects. I think I'll be working on my auction story revision and my Max hoodie 2.0 (which, once it's done, will give the a-okay for me to release the pattern in its current incarnation).

And vegging. Lots of vegging.

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  1. I learned something yesterday: There is a Bon Jovi tribute band. I learned something today, when googling to find it: There are several Bon Jovi tribute bands.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you next week!


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