Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not much for today.

Slow progress today - on short story revision and sweater alike.Bah. Sleeves. Who needs 'em?

...aside from me, sitting here in northern Wisconsin with 3+ feet of snow creeping up into the windows, I mean.

After the other short story revision this week sped by, naturally this one had to be like trudging through drying cement. I'm only 650 words into retyping the (7000 word) story so far. Changes needed: cut 1000+ words off the total length, fix passive sentences, add more sensory details, improve the overall cohesiveness, patch up the lame ending, and get rid of the deus ex machina aftertaste that walking suit of armor gives me. (I did figure out his motivation. Turns out, it's "be awesome." Think Barney from How I Met Your Mother, but saving people instead of picking up chicks. And also a suit of armor instead of a dude in a suit. It's possible I'm stretching this too far. I blame the eight metric tons of turkey I just ate for dinner.)

Also, I finished reading The Bone People yesterday, and I'm trying to pick out the words to describe it. I think this one deserves a proper essay. That should be appearing here soonish.

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