Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things to do instead of writing - #1

Redecorate the Oval Office with Ikea furniture.

I put bunk beds in mine so Barack could have friends over for sleepovers. There had to be multiple bunk beds, because Rahm Emanuel always calls top bunk like a jerk and otherwise the president would be stuck on the bottom bunk. Plus, this way they have room to invite Joe Biden over. And Hillary, if they repeal the "No girls allowed" policy.

On a related (but far less silly) note, I got to watch the inauguration yesterday on CNN's live feed. This was the second time in this election process that I felt like I was watching history unfold - the first being election day itself. History is being made around us every day, but we usually only see it clearly in hindsight. Yesterday's inauguration was an event that, while watching it, you knew would be something that future high school history students will be forced to write essays about. And you already knew why it was significant.

Part of the "why," at least. It could be that, aside from the significance of being our first black president, Barack Obama will be the one to fund the robotics program that will spawn violent hive mind AIs and doom us all. In which case those high schoolers will be writing about him from refugee camps deep below the war-charred surface of the earth. All things in hindsight.

At any rate, this will definitely become one of those events that sparks "Where were you when..." conversations years from now. And when someone asks me "Where were you during Barack Obama's inauguration?" I can say I was sitting at work, watching the CNN feed with a cluster of my coworkers, knitting a sock.

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