Monday, February 16, 2009


The hand-knit gifts shop is closed for the season. My knitting queue for other people is full up, and it is all hats.

We have:
  • One Koolhaus cap for my coworker Asif, who bought the yarn and pattern
  • A Link-ized Floopy Hat for my brother (who will wear it everywhere, no doubt)
  • A Morgan driver's cap for my dad (who will likely wear it once, proudly, then store it on a shelf after remembering he doesn't wear hats)
  • Another Verity beret, this one for my aunt - I have the yarn for another for myself sitting in my stash
  • One hat of indeterminate floppy-brimmed pattern for my mom, possibly a bucket hat
I don't know how I acquired this list of hats. My history of knitting inadvertently tiny and troublesome hats should mean that I don't make many hats for other people, but no. Five gift knits for early 2009. All hats.

Frakking hats.

Edit: the lucky coworker's hat-in-progress:

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