Monday, February 9, 2009

In which I am germy, big things are about to (hopefully) go down, and my brother is my hero.

I have contracted some sort of froggy-throated death cold. Usually I only get desperately sick about twice a year, and the rest of the time I get colds, they're short-lived annoyances that have me bringing a small stash of pills to work. Well, guess what? All those little annoying colds I've had this last year completely used up my reserves of cold/flu/plague pills, and by the time I realized I had no meds on hand with which to fight the germs, I was too sick to slog out of the house and buy more.

Yesterday I begged cold meds off a generous roommate. Today I tried not to be such a mooch, but after missing work and spending most of my day whimpering quietly between coughing fits, I called my little brother, and he fetched me something with "Severe Cold" on the box. While in the middle of a busy day. While he already had his own cold to deal with.

You see why that boy gets so many hand-knit gifts from me?

So, I haven't gotten a lot of writing or knitting done. Or much else, for that matter. Mainly, this is because of the sick, but I've also got some other big things occupying my mental energy at the moment. Here's what I've had on my plate this past week:
  • Finishing "Or Your Money Back" and "No and the Walking House" for my Clarion application (hopefully I'll find time to do the app sometime this week)
  • Taxes, and the faulty e-file systems that accompany them
  • Apocalypses - the class I just started last Thursday - and the reading that goes along with it
  • Snow White sweater, still waiting at about 90% done
  • Two for his Heels socks - a pattern I'm test-knitting for my friend Bex
  • House hunting (aaaaaaa), because I'm looking at co-buying a place (AAAAAA) with a friend in the next couple of months (AAAAAAAAA)
  • Reading Twilight, because everyone I know who's read the books has either loved or hated them, and this bizarre no-gray-area phenomenon has me intrigued
Can you guess which of these things has been keeping my obsessive little brain preoccupied with thoughtsplosions? (Hint: it's not Twilight.)

Anyway. That's what I've been up to. Here's a picture of the sock in progress:

Man, I am pale. Maybe I'm a vampire! That would be pretty cool, because then people would use words like "dazzle" and "smolder" to describe me, instead of "snorky" and "high on cold meds."

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