Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Loosening knots

I carry my tension in knots down my shoulders and back. When I have constant stresses in my life for weeks on end, it's hard to stretch out. When something major is looming over me, I get sharp aches across my mid back that make it hard to breathe. I can feel those kinds of knots beginning between my shoulder blades right now. Massages don't help - my dad was a professional massage therapist for years, and even he can't get these particular knots to loosen up for more than a few hours.

What does help is writing. Even thinking about opening the Scrivener file for my current novel eases my shoulders out of their protective hunch by an inch or two. Typing new words in it sends a slow wave of calm down my back. By the time I've finished another thousand words, I can't even feel the knots.

My dad says I'll need to start seeing a chiropractor by the time I'm thirty, the way my back holds onto knots. I think writing full-time would do the trick just as well.

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