Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new place and the dreaded sweateritis

Moving day went astonishingly well, because more people than I expected pitched in to help. The whole process took less than three and a half hours, and no one even hurt themselves doing it (unless you count the dog, who landed wrong on his arthritic shoulder after giving my brother a high-five, but that was hardly moving related). Now I've got a brand new apartment full of crap, and the dog's got a big fenced-in yard to explore.

I love my new apartment. It's hard to describe it in words, and hell if I'm gonna post a picture of it in its current state (Run! The boxes are attacking!). But once it's all cleaned up, I'm going to brag about it. A lot.

I don't know if it's the fact that most of my knitting supplies have been boxed up for two weeks, or the contradiction of summer weather and wool lust, but I'm having a case of severe sweateritis right now. Ignoring all my other projects, here are the sweaters I've got on the needles:
  • My Or Your Money Back Sylvi coat (novel knit) - one cuff down
  • My Sum sweater (novel knit) - 3" in
  • Ethel Mildred Ferguson - a sleeve and a half from being done
Three sweaters should be enough sweaters, right? But no, I keep wanting to cast-on more sweaters. The rest of my sweater queue looks like this:
  • Garter Yoke Cardigan
  • Owls, cardiganized with short sleeves (for a July knit-along with the lovely ladies in the Ravelry Knitscape podcast group)
  • Modded Snow White, cardiganized with half-sleeves and a hood
  • A hoodie based on Max's monster suit in the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are (for a late summer knit-along with work-friend Kate)
  • A cardigan for my dad for Christmas, the design inspired by one of his favorite poems
And those are just the ones I have yarn for.

I'm pretty sure my brain is all over the sweaters right now because I have no big project deadlines coming up for school or writing. Maybe setting myself some writing assignments will lessen the sweateritis a bit.

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