Saturday, August 8, 2009

'Cause I'm wanted, dead or aliiiiiiive

Last night, I had my first spin-in. It was me, Kate, the curmudgeonly muppet-dog, and season 3 of Supernatural. Kate brought her Ashford Traditional and demonstrated her absurd speed demonry on the wheel, and I got through at least 700 yards of spinning - easily my most in one sitting.

Dog tried to help. His enthusiasm was appreciated, but his methods were questionable. Mostly he just sat in the middle of whatever we were trying to do.

I got half of my stash of "Cherry" Ingeo spun up at a pretty consistent laceweight, which I'm looking forward to plying.

At 6am, after pizza, energy drinks, ice cream sundaes, and surprise cake from one of Kate's friends, we finished the season. And I finished this:

Colonial/corriedale/bamboo blend from one of Copperpot's "Sweet Jasmine" rovings, about 250 yards fingering-ish weight from 4 oz. I'm calling it Metallicar.

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