Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In between other things today, I've been doing research for the novel WIP. Among the things I've learned today:

* Most baseball bat related deaths are due to either intentional attacks or pitchers getting hit in the head by high-speed balls.

* In Taiwan, you can buy baseball bats made specifically for self-defense. It's illegal to own a gun there, but you can own a "home defense bat."

* According to Texas Penal Code, you can't be prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon for beating someone with a baseball bat - baseball bats do not count as "deadly weapons" because they were not designed for that purpose. (The Taiwanese man on that self-defense forum might disagree.)

* Controversy surrounds metal baseball bats and law suits have been had against their makers, but no official studies have been produced thus far to prove that they are, in fact, more dangerous than wooden bats.

* Aikido can be used to subdue an attacker with a baseball bat. (And look really badass in the process.)

* I am not the only writer on the internet looking to kill or seriously injure a character with a baseball bat.

By the way, for those playing at home, the current novel stats are:

Chapters: 8/13

Words: 46,879/70,000 (and starting to think this may be a shorter novel than planned, which is new for me!)

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