Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Project logic is not like our earth logic.

This is my thought process when it comes to projects:

1. Do I have enough projects?
>No/No? (If No, proceed to 2.)

2. Do I have time for another project?
>Yes/No? (If Yes, proceed to 4. If No, proceed to 3.)

3. Hey, isn't there that time of day when I'm usually sleeping/eating/running errands/doing laundry? Couldn't I just cut back on that?
>What a brilliant idea!/Do it do it do it! (If What a brilliant idea!, proceed to 4. If Do it do it do it!, proceed to 4.)

4. Do this project. Am I dead yet?
>Yes/No? (If Yes, inform parents. If no, return to 1.)

So it shouldn't be any surprise that my project list for the next three months looks like this:
  • Revise Or Your Money Back
  • Research market for OYMB, including coming up with a list of literary agents to send it to
  • Draft query letter, synopses, and anything else needed for said literary agents
  • Various write-ups for OYMB independent study
  • Finish Sylvi coat (currently 1/3 done)
  • Finish Snapdragon Tam for me
  • Finish writing and sizing Max hoodie pattern
  • Design and knit a zip-up cardigan for my dad for Christmas
  • Finish a painting
  • Write a short story (or five)
  • Knit landlord a hat for Christmas
  • Knit landlady socks for Christmas
  • Knit my brother a weird hat for Christmas
  • Finish a Swallowtail shawl for my grandma for Christmas
  • Woodburn something for my grandpa for Christmas
  • Knit my mom a Scotty's Hat for Christmas
  • Semi-secret spinning project for my stepmom for Christmas
  • Super-secret collaborative Christmas gifting project
  • Work on Sum? (Probably not.)
Oh, and laundry, because I keep letting it pile up.

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