Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's half right.

I went out with Abby and Kiah last night, to do stuff that former roommates who are now neighbors do, and Kiah was wearing the hat I knit for her the other day. I didn't blog about that hat, did I?

This hat was an accident. I had sweater scraps leftover, a dull afternoon at work, and a Ysolda Teague pattern promising a quick hat. It ended up being a color and pattern combination that I wouldn't really wear, but it matched the hat that Kiah'd been living in during the cold snap this fall. Also, it was meant to look like frosting, which is Kiah's favorite food group. Clearly, it was meant for her.

Abby wanted a hat like Kiah's to go with a Halloween costume she's planning, and I offered to make her one.

Abby: "Really? You think you could do that by Halloween?"

Me: "It only takes a few hours."

Abby: "But don't you have other stuff you're working on? Aren't you, like...knitting socks or something?"

Me: "I'm hardly ever knitting socks."

Kiah: "She's always knitting socks. She's always knitting seven pairs of socks at one time."

Abby: "Really?"

Me: "Nuh-uh!"

Kiah: "She's always knitting seven of everything at one time."

I protested this statistic mightly. But today at work, I realized I had four hats in progress in my bag. So I started gathering up my projects for a headcount.

Four hats.

Four pairs of socks, most of which have been hibernating for months.

And four sweaters.

Everything else is in ones.


In my defense, I'm still not knitting seven of everything.

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