Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This happens too much between major projects.

Dear Muse, Powers That Be, or Creativity-Inducing Whoever,

I hate to be ungrateful for the sudden-onset rush of creative mojo, but I'm at work right now. If you could maybe send me some creative mojo while I'm not at work, that would be fantastic.

And also, if you could send it for a project that's not fan fiction, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and not for a project that I don't currently have on my to-do list, either. That means both those currently in some stage of existence and those that haven't yet been put to text. Like, say, the Fantasy Trilogy What Ate My Life? That's in hibernation. None of that. And don't go poking me about sequels to Or Your Money Back, because unless a publisher picks that up and asks for more, I'm not doing them.

So, to recap, bad things to send me include:
  • fanfic
  • sequels for things
  • ideas for hibernating projects
  • strong urges to ditch everything and write between the hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday
  • everything you have been giving me, basically
Good things to send me include:
  • short story writing mojo
  • OYMB revision ideas/motivation
  • better time management skills
  • chocolates
Are we clear? Good. Thanks for your time.

Love (potentially),
a writer

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