Monday, July 27, 2009

Good for misbehavin'

Internet, meet Mal.

Mal is a Kromski Minstrel with a walnut stain. I bought him at Detta's Spindle this Saturday.

He got the name because he's sturdy, smooth, good at what he does, and of course, so very pretty.

Plus if he gets in trouble I can call him "Sergeant" to annoy him.

Aside from the wheel, I also bought a ton of fiber to spin. From left to right: 8 oz superwash mill end wool, 1 lb superwash mill end wool, 10 oz merino in "Bitter Chocolate," and 8 oz BFL.

I've spent the last two nights spinning while watching Scrubs DVDs. The first night, I spun up and plied about 66 yards of BFL of fluffy thick and thin (mostly superbulky) yarn. It will make a fine hat.

Told you I was screwed. (Or would a better word be "humped"?)

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