Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mal Malcifer Malcolm Mally Wally

My hobby: making up excruciatingly dumb nicknames for fictional characters and/or inanimate objects.

Oh, and also this:

That's roughly 4 oz of Corriedale, two different colorways from Knitty and Color ("Kermit" and "Mariner's Revenge") plied together into a mostly worsted and bulky weight. This was my very first wheel spun yarn, done on Kate's Ashford Traditional and plied rather sloppily on my Minstrel. I was experimenting with smaller whorls, and it didn't go so well.

This, on the other hand, went surprisingly well!

It's the "Mariner's Revenge" Corriedale, maybe 2 oz, in lace weight. I was spinning it on Mal just to see how thin I could get it and have some yarn I didn't care much about to use to try my first Navajo/chain ply. It ended up being the most even thing I've spun so far, though (that one chunky part in the photo is the tail end), and I kind of want to skein it up as singles and use it in a lace project instead.

And this is what I'm tormenting Mal with as of last night:

The roving is "Sweet Jasmine" from Copperpot on Etsy. I believe it's a bamboo/merino/colonial mix, and is it not the most 80's color palate you have ever seen in your life? I mean, really. Put this roving in a blazer with giant shoulder pads and you could take it to your high school's Back to the 80's Dance.

Captain Tightpants feels his wheely masculinity is threatened by this much sparkly girly colors. He's just lucky I'm spinning my sparkly "Belly Dancer" batt on a drop spindle.

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