Friday, July 31, 2009

The "I'm technically off work but here's a quick blog post before I go anyway" post

Knitting status update: Working on this scarf in Bex's gorgeous handspun:

And I finally finished the first of the pair of socks I started the week I moved out of my old place.

Lots of other fiber projects floating around. Enough that last night I sat down and took inventory of all my WIPs, stash yarn dedicated to particular upcoming projects, and undedicated stash yarn. I decided to knit strictly from my stash for the rest of the year (except for gift knits) after buying my wheel, and now I don't feel like that will be even a little bit of a challenge.

OYMB status update: Wrote 8500 words in the last three days, including finishing two chapters. Today I start a new chapter that involves alcohol, vandalism, and a monologue I've been looking forward to since before I started writing this draft. The character who gets the monologue has just informed me that he wants to do it while plastered, and that is just peachy by me.

And I'm off.

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