Monday, March 23, 2009

Adventures in writing

Adventures in my household aren't terribly grand. This is partly because we're mostly homebodies, and partly because Kiah and I - the usual adventuring duo - are way too easily entertained. For instance, this weekend we planned an adventure like so:

Me: "I've got a gift card for Cafe Latte. Let's go eat gourmet sandwiches and write!"

Kiah: "But I don't know what to write about."

Me: "Well, then, we'll just pretend to be pretentious writers! I'll wear my beret. We can pull out our notebooks and talk about the great symbolism we've got going and how our ideas are going to change the world."

Kiah: "I'll wear my hipster hat and write fanfiction!"

Me: "I'll write about psychic powers and my drunk narrator!"

And a couple hours of bus detours later, we're sitting in an upscale cafe, wearing hats and scribbling in our notebooks, occasionally giggling because we wrote the word sex in public. Like I said, easily entertained. And not very good at being pretentious, either. But hey, I finished another scene I'd been stuck on, and I ate some damn good cake in the process.

In other writing news, I heard back from Clarion today. I'm on the waitlist. While I'm thrilled that the admission board liked my work, this wasn't a scenario I had considered - I planned for an acceptance/rejection situation, and now I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Since I now won't know if I'm going to the workshop until as late as June, I guess I'll budget like I'm in, plan my writing projects like I'm not, and distract myself with spinning, woodburning, and SciFi Channel original movies.

But still, any email from the Clarion admissions board saying they were "impressed by your work" is a good email, even if it has a but in the middle of it.

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  1. Hi. Um, the interwebs being what they are, I got curious to know who else is in Clarion limbo and lo! here you are. I know that CWest has two (at least) waitlisted, so it's possible that you & I are the only ones waiting on CSD. Unfortunately, as the world's worst knitter, I've had to find other ways of biding my time. Anyway, nice to meet ya, and I'm crossing my fingers for us both.


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