Friday, March 27, 2009

Sketchy and then some

The weekly sketch, Dorin and Qui:
Dorin would be easy to babysit. You just say, "So, Dor, what do you know about frogs?" and she'll entertain herself for three hours drawing crayon diagrams to show you all she knows about frogs.

And the trailer that salvaged my week:

This book was a staple bedtime story at my house when I was a kid. Seeing it translated into live-action so beautifully makes my inner child so, so happy. And I'm not the only one - there is already talk of people at my work arranging a trip to see the movie on opening day, even though it's not out until October.

Also, I may be doing a knit-along with work-friend Kate, both of us knitting hoodies based on Max's monster suit. I'm thinking an Elizabeth Zimmerman cardigan design with an added hood and the ends of the sleeves adapted into fingerless mitts, like on Max's suit in the movie.

Childish glee abounds.

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