Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holy hell

That was a fast turn-around. My Macbook is already back from the shop (and would've been back yesterday if I'd had an opportunity to get out to the Apple store). Along with some other minor repairs, they replaced the hard drive, logic board, heatsink, and top inner case. Because Sophie was still covered under an AppleCare plan through August, the whole process was free. The logic board replacement alone would've run me $1200 otherwise, so the whole shebang would easily have cost more than the laptop and extended care plan combined. AppleCare plan: good idea.

I'm currently piecing together my writing folders again. The majority of the files I'm retrieving come from emails I sent to friends, which makes me so glad I'm an extrovert with my writing. The most recent file for my current novel WIP is from just a couple weeks ago, which is fine since the headway I've made in that has all been in my notebook. The big losses are the revisions - Sixth (novel #1) has lost a very difficult chapter, and Core (novel #2) is back to its second draft, all the notes and half-finished scenes gone because those were in the Scrivener files that were only backed up on the old hard drive. I should be upset by the setback, but instead I'm kind of looking forward to revising those projects again. What I'll really miss is my photo library. I had so many pictures of my dog in there, you guys.

Kiah and I went to see The Haunting in Connecticut today, so there's a chance I may not sleep tonight. Maybe I'll stay up and get some writing done instead.

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