Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things to do instead of writing - #2

Set the Tivo wish list to retrieve programs with the keyword "bears."

The Tivo will fetch you scads of bear-related shows. Bears featured on nature shows. Shows about baby bears. Multiple "a bear ate my face" type specials! And all these are fantastic, because bears are fun and badass, even on baby bear shows.

But Tivo will also fetch you "The Bear Man of Kamchatka," a BBC Natural World special about Charlie Russell, a bear expert who raises orphaned bear cubs to survive in the Russian wild. You'll watch Charlie raise his two new bear cubs, protect them from predator male bears, and teach them to fish, and they'll grow from itty bitty baby bears into massive fuzzy creatures. Then one of the babies will be eaten by a predator male, and the other will wander off into the wilds too far from Charlie's camp, and the narrator will say, "Charlie says goodbye to Andy, knowing that the cub is going where he can't follow," and you'll sit on the couch with your hands over your face, going, "I will not cry over bears I will not cry over bears I will not cry over bears."

Yeah, good luck with that. You big girl.

Stupid bears.

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