Friday, April 3, 2009

The mid-semester project accumulation

Between my computer's near-death experience, work stuff, and a lovely tendonitis flare-up in my right wrist, I haven't gotten much done all week, and there's not gonna be a sketch. Instead, here's what I've got on my plate at the moment, in my free time:
  • First draft of Sum (novel #3 in the fantasy trilogy) - still moored at the 1/3 point
  • The Sum sweater, which stitches dropped and twisted
  • First draft of The London Party, an apocalyptic novel whose beginning I'm writing for class - a few short chapters laid out
  • Reading three books outside of class - Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente, Beowulf: A New Telling by Robert Nye, and Tex by S.E. Hinton (reading this one aloud to the muppet-dog, who seems to be enjoying the attention)
  • Three pairs of socks on the needles - Feather the Waves Socks (relegated to a drawer in my office as a work-only project as punishment for taking too long), Two for His Heels in knee sock form, and a pair of toe-up Monkeys knit two on one circ, also intended to be knee socks (knit-along with Bex unintentional this time).
  • The famous (and lovely) Swallowtail Shawl - well over halfway done, but as it gets wider my mind starts wandering
  • Spinning - oh so very doomed. So very, very doomed. (Pics to come later - many went with the deceased hard drive)
  • My Haruha scarf - the only project I've been able to consistently work on since the tendonitis ate my wrist early this week. It's simple, relaxing knitting, and lookit the pretty:
I love that zig-zag thing the darker shades are doing. Love love love. I think I'll go work on that now.

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