Monday, April 20, 2009

I am the bread bringer!

Amish friendship bread is one of the coolest food-related things in existence, if you ask me. My friend Jordan passed a bag of bread starter on to me a month ago, and it's already become a staple at my house - we make our share, pass on three of the starter bags, and keep one for ourselves to continue the cycle. Everyone who partakes of the bread pitches in ingredients (and smooshes the bag of bread starter daily - it's weirdly relaxing). I've ended up being the official bread maker in my household, and it gives me a weird sort of domestic nerd-glee to make a bag of goop into tasty, sweet bread.

We handed a bag from the last batch over to my brother, who lives in the Theta Chi house on campus, and now apparently the frat boys are also taking a weird sort of domestic nerd-glee from making their own bread.

Mmm, bread.
Aside from bread, all I've made in the last week or so (aside from class work and some just-for-fun, rather terrible writing which will never see the light of blog) is this:
That's about the first third of the nifty cabled front side of the Ethel Mildred Ferguson sweater. I'm still loving the pattern. It's surprisingly mindless for something that requires you to keep track of a massive non-repeating cable chart, and engaging enough that I haven't gotten bored yet.

This is a big class work week for me, so I won't be making a whole lot of posts here (except ones for class, which knowing my project will likely end up making no damn sense or being depressing). To make up for that, have a bonus picture of the shiny spindle that was recently delivered to my doorstep:

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