Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why hello, Mrs. Ferguson!

I've been in love with this sweater since the designer posted the prototype on her Ravelry page. The cables! The flattering cut! The flared ribbing around the wrists! The cables! And of course it's from Emily Johnson's Family Trunk Project, which I think is one of the niftiest ideas on the planet. So I said to myself, "The minute that sweater pattern is released, I'm going to buy it and cast-on."

Weeks passed, and the pattern became available. But by that time, I was in financial crunch mode, so the promise became, "The minute I can afford the yarn for it, I'm going to cast-on."

But by the time I could afford to buy a sweater's worth of yarn, my workload had risen up like a monster from a Calvin and Hobbes strip and devoured me. So it became "The minute I have time for another project..." and once that cleared up, "The minute I get the pattern from the designer..." (She has a fantastic alternative method of payment where you trade her a few pages of your family story for one of her patterns.)

And then "The minute my yarn comes in the mail..."

The minute the yarn came in the mail, I had a stack of reading, writing, and other class and work projects looming, aside from my own neglected novel WIP. But by that point I was sick of delaying sweater gratification, so I cast-on anyway.

I'm about four inches into the back.
And at the moment the cables look like owls!I may have had to cram half my reading for class into my workday today, but I'm happy. It doesn't take much, especially when a sweater's involved.

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