Saturday, April 11, 2009

The other books in the series weren't this difficult.

The current novel WIP and I are having a bit of a spat right now. I write a few sentences, the novel accuses me of eying other projects, I tell it to stop being difficult, and the novel goes off to mope in a corner, hissing that it's witholding character development until I close the three other Scrivener projects I've got open.

"One of those is for work and one is for class," I say, crossing my arms.

But the novel isn't listening. "And you've been plotting to write another novel this summer!"

"Because you're going to take another year and a half, at least! I need side projects!"

"You don't need other projects!" the novel yells, getting all snotty and pathetic. "You only need me! I miss the days when I was the only big project you ever wanted!"

"You mean when I was fourteen and thought you were going to be an intergalactic war story?"

"Yeah," the novel sniffles.

"I couldn't write for crap back then! And you sucked."

"I don't care! You only loved me then."

"I also wrote terrible fan fiction then. Maybe I should get back into that, too."

The novel freezes. "You wouldn't."

"Watch me," I say, opening my laptop.

"You harlot!" the novel cries, and it starts throwing first draft pages.

Ah, well. The novel can have its temper tantrum, and I'll content myself with other projects right now. This is a good time for me to not be working on it, anyway - I've got a major project looming for class, and it would be nice for my writing outside of that to be a fun, relaxing project that doesn't throw things at me.

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