Sunday, May 31, 2009

The best thing

Bex is staying over this weekend while we put a new finish on her spinning wheel. Inspired by the stacks of moving boxes in my room, today we built a fort, using boxes as walls and cartoon bedsheets for the roof. We also made a double-and-a-half batch of Amish friendship bread, on top of our already amazing grilled cheese lunch and taco dinner. When it started to rain tonight, Bex, Kiah, Abby, and I went outside and walked around the block barefoot in our pajamas. The walk turned into a wild rumpus, as most things involving pajamas outdoors do.

So now I'm sitting in a fort in my room with Bex and Kiah, eating Amish friendship bread and drying off from the rain while Kiah colors with crayons. The cuff of the Sylvi I finally cast-on today is sitting nearby, the new Twist Collective issue is up, and a fan is blowing on me.

There are too few words for happy in the English language, guys.

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