Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Great Summer 2009 Project List

Writing and Reading

Or Your Money Back (scifi novel) - first draft, expecting around 80k words. This is my #1 priority project.

Sum (fantasy novel) - first draft, ongoing. Won't be done for awhile.

Wendigo Girls (YA fantasy novel with endearingly lame working title) - first draft, will pay this proper attention once OYMB's draft is done. A really fun backburner project.

Sixth (fantasy novel) - revision. Again. Cripes. Don't know if I'll get to this one this summer.

Short stories - I'm aiming for an average of one complete (at least second draft) short story every month over the summer. We'll see.

Bookalanche 2009 - ongoing. Will aim for one book a week, when possible.


Random for-fun projects currently in progress - lots. None of them have deadlines for just that reason.

Scotty's Hat take 2 - a revision of the Scotty's Hat pattern to include four panels instead of two. Currently in progress, will add to the existing pattern once I've got it right.

Novel knits - Sum sweater is ongoing, Sylvi coat (OYMB's tandem project) is all wound up and ready to go.

Max hoodie - a hoodie based on Max's costume in the upcoming and gorgeous looking movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. A knit-along with Kate, due to be finished by the time the movie comes out in October.

Snow White hoodie - a bastardized version of the fabulous Snow White pattern, wherein I plan to make the sleeves half-length, add a zipper up the front, and stick a hood on top.

Wood burning - whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. It's my laziest hobby (and also the nicest smelling).

All Else

Increase my independence, hippie style - I'm going to attempt a small vegetable garden in planters on the deck of my new apartment. My dad, a veteran veggie gardener, has agreed to help with this. I'm also trying out hand-washing with a hand crank machine and a low-energy electric spin dryer, and I plan to learn to cook more things from fresh ingredients so I can reduce my need for overpackaged products.

Exercise - I'm going to make an effort at more walking and running, more crunches on the Ab Torture Device my uncle invented, and maybe pick up a new form of exercise, like Calvinball or yoga.

The Great (Very Bad) Supernatural Bathroom Decorating Scheme - I intend to decorate the bathroom in my new apartment like one of the tacky themed motel rooms on Supernatural. Between Goodwill, Target's bath aisle, and the internet, there is enough ugly retro crap available that I'm completely confident that I can reproduce one of those rooms on a budget.

So, those are my summer projects, in a nutshell. There's no way I'll actually get through them all, but I can at least aim high, seeing as I'm not taking a summer course this year. But this week right now is for inanity, as far as writing goes. I'm going to relax and cleanse my palate from the school year with some really dumb crap just for fun. That, and knitting in front of the TV. Good times.

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