Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My summer project

I've been looking forward to this. A while back, I promised myself that as soon as I was done with my coursework this semester, I'd dive right into this novel. It started as a short story I wrote for class last spring, then quickly grew into a longer romance/adventure/coming of age story in my head. Here's the pitch:

The Dream Doctor can bring the objects of your wildest dreams to life, for a reasonable price, and terminate them if they don't live up to the 100% money back guarantee. Brought to life as a surprise birthday present for the woman who dreams about him every night, patented Dream Doctor creation Sebastian expects to live a blissful life with his beloved dreamer, Bella. But when Bella scowls instead of swooning, Sebastian gets sent back to the shop for a refund. Kept by the Dream Doctor as an assistant, Sebastian takes on the job of checking in on the Doctor's other dream creations around the city. He forms quick bonds with two of the ill-fated dreams on his monthly house call list - a muse stuck with a short-tempered artist and a disgruntled fantasy character who wants to overthrow the dreamers. Caught between his creator and his new friends, Sebastian has to find his place in a world that wasn't meant for him - and discover if he, the man of Bella's dreams, can cast aside his programming to love someone else.

Or Your Money Back, science fiction (?), should be around 80,000 words.

I have a printout of the original short story to mark up, a 3-subject notebook to fill, a new pencil and eraser, and from now until September to enjoy Seb's most agreeable company. Ready...set...

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