Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scotty's hat is mine now!

So, remember when I said I was going to figure out how to make Scotty's hat from Star Trek?

Made with some Wool-Ease from my stash, which is why the color's not dead-on. It took about 350 yards and four days of mostly TV knitting (it's all garter stitch, knit flat).

So far wearing the hat has not made me better at math or physics. But I've only had it on for half an hour. The lovely and talented Miss Bex is going to proofread the pattern for me, and once I get the all-clear from her, I'll post it here.

I think I'll go home and eat a sandwich now.


  1. ZOMG so totally gorgeously geeky!

  2. Are you going to share the pattern?

  3. nice job on the hat, do you make them to sell?

  4. @foggbrockfaux: Nope, but the pattern is available for free if you knit or have a generous friend who knits.


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