Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which I am a giant nerd about this hat

Scotty's hat had a big day today. I wore it walking to work this morning and got some odd looks from passing motorists. I was wearing a blazer and carrying my laptop bag as well as my giant purse, and with the hat on top I must've looked like I was trekking off on some sort of adventure. As soon as I took the hat off in my office, it got tried on by Kate (Ravelry user pineapplechild).
(She's doing math. The hat is helping.)

And then it didn't get taken off for two hours, as she deemed it "squishy and delicious" and "best hat ever." I wasn't keen on having my hat stolen, but I did enjoy having the ability to bark, "Scotty, go do a round of the computer lab!"
The hat was also tried on by Matt, whose fearsome dreads give him a head circumference of about 30". It stretched more than admirably. Definitely a one-size-fits-all adult hat.
In the afternoon, the hat hung out with me in my office, where I spent my break pretending I was stationed on an arctic planet with dwindling food reserves. It's very hard to look properly annoyed about impending starvation while wearing this hat. Especially when you have trail mix in your desk drawer.

Hat has still not made significant improvements in my math or physics abilities. Though I'm suddenly finding the broken computer peripherals in my office fascinating.
Not sure if that's the fault of the hat or the caffeine.

The hat is really comfortable, and it will be hard to part with it for the meeting I've got to go to in half an hour. But I dressed up in my blazer today to look more professional, and somehow I think wearing a big floppy nerd hat might cancel out the effect I was going for. Ah, well. I'll get to wear it home and to class tonight. Provided Kate doesn't steal it while I'm out of my office, that is.

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